E-Maculation News: April 2004

SheepShaver on OS X!

Over on the forum, a fellow named Grobedo has just reported that he has compiled and run SheepShaver on Mac OS 10.3. He has posted some screenshots over here.

Grobedo promises a “how-to” will be forthcoming.

— April 6, 2004

SheepShaver Bug?

Over on his own forum, Rob “jawa” Snyder suggests a particular problem when compiling SheepShaver:

“Sheepshaver compiler bug. I belive there to be a bug in the code. that is keeping Coppermine Based PIII/Celerons from compiling SheepShaver…A problem I had mention before but had no idea at the time it was a possible bug caused by the cpu type. So far I done stock full installs of slack 9.1 on a P4. 2.8 ahtlon classic 950 Duron 800mhz and PIII coppermine 1ghz Celeron coppermine at 633 celron coppermine at 800 mhz. Only the coppermines seem to have a compiling error. All others seem to compile and work just fine. I need to get more motherboards in as the two socket 370 boards I have use the same chipset and it could be a chipset issue. I belive it to be a bug in Sheepshavers code as on these same coppermine machines I am able to and have compiled KDE 3.2 Gnome 2.6 (also made slack pack for gnome 2.6) and the new 2.6.4 kernel.”


— April 7, 2004

No Updates

Sorry about the lack of updates.

I've been worried about exams for the last month. I'm going to have a Bachelor's degree (English/History double major) in a couple of weeks. Such fun.

Also, the page loads like crap. My host doesn't offer any support, and I feel like a tool for promoting them on this site a few months ago.

I feel like I'm paying for nothing, and that's not cool.

The slow-load thing makes updating no fun.

Updates to come. Soon, I swear.

— April 24, 2004


And now, things load nice. I sort of want to move to a new host. Got a nice offer from one reader, that I might take up, when I get my marbles together. <p> Look for all of the updates I missed during the break very soon…

— April 30, 2004

SheepShaver in Windows?!

This missed story is the biggie:

Over in the forum, a fellow called Trombone Bob (a second cousin to the enigmatic Willie Trombone) posted about getting SheepShaver to compile in Windows using colinux.

There are instructions right here. And also a screenshot! And yes, the instructions are very complicated.

— April 30, 2004

SheepShaver Updated!

Also, back on April 13, Gwenole posted this to the SheepShaver dev-list:

“Got some time this weekend and committed a few changes to CVS: - Runtime depth switching now works, tested 1bpp → 16bpp - Fullscreen now works in emulated PPC mode, only tested on 32-bit big endian target

I also disabled VidMode extension by default as it's highly X server dependent and does not always work. e.g. on my PBG4, I get a black screen when switching to anything < 1024×768.

BTW, if someone knows the Apple timing ID for 1152×768, I don't have Universal Headers handy new enough to check.”

The ever-lovely guide to SheepShaver will give you directions on how to build the source.

(It dawns on me that if you are reading these news items from top-to-bottom, you won't really understand the use of “also” in this one. Sorry for that.)

— April 30, 2004

Lots of Views!

Meanwhile, my favorite thread in the forum just passed 10,000 pageviews. I love that - it makes me think that lots of people are using SheepShaver.

Additionally, “a” and “z” are running neck-and-neck in the “best letter” poll.

— April 30, 2004

Celebrity Skinning

Jim “Slim Jim” Watters points out this article in Wired. It is all about skinning Windows to look like the MacOS.

It is pretty good. The Real Duckie gets quoted, which is pretty good.

The best quote in the article comes from our old pal Iceman, who says “[l]et's face the truth, buying a Mac is painful as a shot in the foot.”

Zing! And yes, a reference to the fact that you actually can run the MacOS on your PC would have been cool, but no, there is not one.

I'm not bitter.

— April 30, 2004

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