E-Maculation News: April, 2005

The Rhapsody Project: We Update You

Anonymous writes:

FYI Here's an Update to last years story on osopinion: link

— ClockWise, March 2, 2005

CherryOS: Update, But Not Really

Anonymous writes:

“It looks as though Maui X-Stream, Inc. has redirected www.cherryos.com to an actual product page on their main site. Wow, this makes things official, it must be real! (Keep your negative and sarcastic remarks to yourself, I was being facetious.) One can only hope that this product does what it says it does, and at a decent speed. As always, in the Mac Emulation world, we'll just have to ignore the promises, not get overly excited on deadlines, and wait. Anyone have any real information on this “progress?” Has anyone seen any press releases with an actual date?”

— ClockWise, March 2, 2005

PearPC and CherryOS?

In case you have not had enough of CherryOS, check out this article over on slashdot about the PearPC team trying to contact someone in charge. Interesting stuff, especially if they can to force them to comply with the gpl (which they should).

— MeanE, April 2, 2005

CherryOS eats the Dust?

And one more on the controversy between PearPC and CherryOS: The CherryOS website tells us CherryOS is on hold, until further notice. Also, on the main MXS site, there is no mention of the same disputed software anymore.

— Cat_7, April 5, 2005

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