E-Maculation News: April 2006

Touchscreen iPod?

“Now, 30 years after its founding, Apple Computer has grown from a tiny start-up to a household name and cultural icon known as much for its iPod digital music players as its computers.”

“The technology industry is fundamentally about change and no company can survive for long without reinventing itself,” said Rick Rashid, head of Microsoft Research and developer of the Mach kernel, which serves as the open-source core of Mac OS X. “Companies that can survive for 30 years are the exception rather than the rule, and something to celebrate.”

News Source: C|Net

— Jackalo, April 1, 2006

Apple's Finest Flip-Flops

“If Apple Computer were a ship, we'd all be reaching for our seasick pills. In its 30-year history, this company has been up and down, rocked from stem to stern, nearly swamped and, as it is currently, riding on top of the swell.”

“This rocky passage has been mirrored by its publicity department and executives, who have occasionally overreacted to certain trends or simply missed others, resulting in an impressive number of public flip-flops over the years.”

News Source: Wired News

— Jackalo, April 2, 2006

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