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-===== Updated to Marcio'​s Mac =====+===== Lots of Shoebill Updates! ​=====
-The emulation-in-a-browser that I linked ​to last month has been updated. ​ Do [[http://retroweb.maclab.org/?​platform=pce-macplus|check it out]].  ​The site, now dubbed the "​RetroWeb Vintage Computer Museum,"​ includes browser emulations of several vintage computers. ​ Pretty cool.+Sorry, I I've been away from the wiki for some time and have missed ​lot of recent updates ​to [[https://github.com/pruten/​shoebill|ShoeBill]].  ​I do suggest you check 'em out if you haven'​t already.
- --- //​[[mgoodine@gmail.com|ClockWise]] ​2014/04/20 09:55//+ --- //​[[mgoodine@gmail.com|ClockWise]] ​2015/01/22 03:33//
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