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-====== E-Maculation Blog =====+====== E-Maculation Blog =====
- +
-===== Emulation Power Pack ===== +
- +
-Jim “slim” Watters has updated his “Macintosh Emulation Power Pack.” You can find the package - a collection of helpful emulators and utilities - over [[http://home.tampabay.rr.com/osemu/b2_win/mepp.htm|here]]. The best part of the pack is the collection of Basilisk II builds for every purpose (for example, build 94 from years and years ago is the last version to support classic emulation, while JIT release 3 which is also quite old might be faster than the current release). +
- +
-Check it out! +
- +
-Meanwhile: Later this week I will have internet access in my new apartment and will finally be able to carry out a few updates of my own! +
-===== Bring out your Screenshots! ===== +
- +
-Sigmund really wants to see screenshots of your emulators in action. Please [[http://www.emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5216|post]] them in the forum as soon as you can. Thanks! +
-===== A Year of No Execute!! ===== +
- +
-Darek “Dirty Secrets” Mihocka’s emulation themed blog “No Execute” has reached the ripe old age of one year! To celebrate, Darek has published an entry that he hopes will show his readers how to program their own emulators! It’s a very compelling read. Here’s an excerpt: +
- +
-  “case opLdaAbs16: +
-  addr = peekw(PC); +
-  PC += 2; +
-  A = peekb(addr); +
-  goto case(peekb(PC++));” +
- +
-Read more [[http://emulators.com/docs/nx25_nostradamus.htm|over here]]. +
- +
-There’s no denying it… “No Execute” is a compelling read. I’ll be sending Darek some Starbucks gift-bucks to thank him for his hard work! +
 +Visit the [[news]] instead.
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