Installing Windows 98 SE in Bochs

Please Note: This is an incomplete guide. I'm just playing around. Check back in a few weeks to see if it is finished.

Before You Begin

Before getting started, you need:

Creating a Hard Disk Image

First, run the “Disk Image Creation Tool” to create a hard disk image. Select “hd” and “flat.” Choose some size in MB (Windows 98 requires at least 500 MB of free space). Finally, give your hard disk image a name. When the hard disk image has been created, make a note of the “cylinders,” “heads” and “spt” values that you are given.

Configuring the Emulated Machine

Run Bochs. You'll see the “Bochs Start Menu.”

Edit “Disk & Boot.” Switch to the “ATA Channel 0” tab. Next switch to the “First HD/CD on Channel 0” sub-tab. Click to “Enable This Device.” The “Type of ATA Device” should be “disk.” Point the “path” to the disk image you just created. Adjust the “cylinders,” “heads” and “spt” values to match what you were told when the hard disk image was created. You'll likely only need to change the “cylinders” value (?).

Switch to the “Second HD/CD on Channel 0” sub-tab. Click to “Enable This Device.” The “Type of ATA Device” should be “cd-rom.” Set the path to point to your .ISO image of the Windows 98 cd-rom. Check “inserted.”

Next, scroll right to select the “Boot Options” tab. “Boot Drive #1” should be “cdrom.”

Finally, click “okay” and then save your config.

Click to start the simulation.

Installing Windows

Follow the on-screen directions to install Windows. Remember to boot from CD-ROM when asked. You will need to reboot during the installation. Reboot from CD-ROM. I was prompted for a boot floppy, but only the CD was actually needed. Odd.

To use the mouse in the emulated environment, click the “enable mouse capture” button.

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