E-Maculation News: December 2005

New SheepShaver builds

Hi there, A newly build SheepShaver has seen the light of day. Besides many improvements in stability and speed, for Windows users it now also has a GUI, and Ethernet support a la Basilisk II for Windows. Check it out! Check it out here: SheepShaver Site and discuss it at this forum topic.

— Cat_7, December 1, 2005

PearPC v0.4

PearPC v0.4 has finally arrived. Advertised features are G4 emulation support (by Daniel Foesch), native CD-ROM support, endianess safety, and more. Even though we've been able to play with most (if not all) of these features for the past year, they have been perfected enough to make it into the CVS tree. The official config file options have been updated, and can be seen here. You can download the official version at http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/do wnloads.html or you can download Richard's builds at http://www.richardgoodwin.com/wp/cvsbuilds.php

— Jackalo, December 20, 2005

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