E-Maculation News: December 2008


The news archive goes all the way back to June of 2004. Archive.org is spotty when we go back to May (and earlier), so I'm going to try to rip further news archives from the databases we used in Nuke and Newspro and Coranto and whatever else back in the day.

Just for kicks I made a special entry in the wiki for CherryOS. You can download the (fake) emulator's manual there as well as a time limited demo of the (stolen) emulator.

Meanwhile, if you check out this forum thread, you can find a solution to the “Cannot map RAM: File already exists” error that has plagued some SheepShaver users for several years. The original thread on the subject has been viewed more than ten thousand times in the last 13 months!

Over and out for now.

ClockWise 2008/12/14 22:36

Mini vMac with Color Mac II Emulation

The Mac II emulation in Mini vMac now does color! If you swing by the forum you can download a build I made. My build emulates a Mac II and requires a rom image from a Mac IIx (which is easier to find). Check out that forum thread for more information. Check out the official site for more information about the new snapshot and for instructions on how to build the emulator with different options (i.e: a different color depth, or the option of using a rom image from a Mac II)

Also: I sent Mini vMac developer Paul Pratt an e-mail telling him about the Gemulator source code, and he told me that the source release does NOT include any of the Macintosh emulation code! That has all been removed! Maybe that will be released sometime in the future…

ClockWise 2008/12/07 17:43

Gemulator gets Open-Sourced

Darek Mihocka has open sourced Gemulator. Gemulator is mostly an Atari ST emulator, but it has long included a Mac Plus emulator on the side. Interestingly, it appears that the version of Gemulator that has been open sourced contains a fully functional 68K Macintosh emulator (probably identical to the current beta of SoftMac).

ClockWise 2008/12/04 18:03

News Archive

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