E-Maculation News: February 2004

GUI Olympics: 2004!

Hey, a new GUI Olympics is starting up! Hey, it's been a month since I posted something about skinning! You're welcome.

— February 19, 2004

SheepShaver Goodies!

Over, here, in the forum, Jim Watters offers some SheepShaver Benchmarks. As a preface, he notes:

“Here are some preliminary Apple Personal Diagnostics benchmarks run on SheepShaver, Basilisk IIJIT and my PowerBook 3400c. All are running Mac OS 8.1, with 112 MB RAM, 7,168K Disk Cache and thousands of colors. Note that SheepShaver beat my PowerBook 3400c (603e @ 180 MHz) in all tests. The PC used is an Athlon XP 2500+. The host OSes were Mandrake 9.1 and Windows 2000.

All scores are compared to a PowerMac 810080 MHz. So for example, my PowerBook runs the “Math : Integer” test 3.75 faster (375%) then a PM 810080. ”

Meanwhile, Christian Bauer offers up a new official SheepShaver website. Additional snooping around Bauer's website reveals some Farscape fan fiction. It seems that when writing fan fiction, as when writing emulators, Bauer doesn't dick around - this project involved two screenwriting books and 18 months worth of writing.

It bears mentioning, I think, that FUSION developer Joe Fenton is also an accomplished author of fan fiction. His tastes are a little more esoteric that Bauer's - you'll note an outline for a Galaxy Rangers story at his site.

My own foray into fan fiction can be found over here. So far, that one is my only effort - but I am working on an original “Gilmore Girls” short story.

— February 22, 2004

SheepShaver Build Script!

I got a little off-topic on the last one, and neglected to mention this build script for building and properly patching SheepShaver. It was suggested by “Cat_7.”

The SheepShaver section of the forum is getting a fair bit of traffic, and it looks like quite a few Linux non-users are trying to get the emulator to run. That's really cool. Be sure to visit.

— February 23, 2004

Rhapsody Project!

RobotIntestines wrote it to point out a story about something called Rhapsody Project that appeared recently on OSNews.

From the project page: “Our main goal is to complete the Rhapsody OS and make it an OS that people would like to use. We aim for end users and hope to bring them what Apple has brought their customers for the past 20 years - the simplicity and style which Mac OS has.”

We'll keep an eye on this one…

— February 23, 2004

SheepShaver: 2.2-20040224

Gwenole Beauchesne took to the news groups to promote SheepShaver today.

Additionally, he posted the following to the mailing list: <p> “…[r]emaining bits prior to a formal release would include runtime depth switching from B2 and fixes for DGA displays + other ports. Possibly ethernet too, but I am still not satisfied with the current fixes. <p> Note that you no longer needs the -hacks patch, as I finally committed another variant for now. That should make it more user-friendly to build & get something working with MacOS 8.6 out-of-the box. ;-)

Official website: [here]

Sources (CVS snapshots) + precompiled binaries as RPM: [here]

Files: SheepShaver-2.2-20040224.tar.bz2, SheepShaver-2.2-10.*.rpm

— February 25, 2004

Best Political Death Knell EVER!!

Okay, so Myriam Bedard answered the Prime Minster's call for people with the scoop on the growing corruption scandal to come forward with what they know.

Bedard, formerly an Olympic medalist and more recently a fired marketing officer with Via Rail revealed some sundry details about the scandal yesterday. Her revelations elicited from the chairman of Via what I think might be the greatest quote in the history of Canadian political quotations. Here it is:

“I don't want to be mean, but this is a poor woman in a pitiful state, a woman with no husband that I know of. She's feeling the pressure of being a single mother with financial responsibilities. Basically, I find it pitiful.”

Brilliant fucking move, Jean Pelletier.

In other political news, the similarly quotable Liberal MP Elinor Caplan is retiring. Her declaration during the last election that the opposition benches were full of “holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists” made headlines, and inspired popular bigot Mark “vMac” Nadene's enduring honorific.

— February 27, 2004

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