E-Maculation News: February, 2005


The fellows over at QEMU are reporting that OS X will be supported as a guest OS in an upcoming release!

Check out a forum thread to this effect.

— ClockWise, February 28, 2005

Live With Mihocka!

Darek Mihocka is looking for a roomie/programmer. Swear to fucking god. If you want to live with SoftMac “developer” Darek Mihocka, and work on an emulator, you should really check out this forum thread.

— ClockWise, February 28, 2005

About the Updates

Okay… so there's a couple of updates for you. I've been awfully busy these last couple months. I'm writing a thesis. On medieval economic history. It's really long. It's keeping me busy.

If anyone wants to assist with the page, please e-mail me. You can get me at mgoodine@dal.ca or clockwisemac@hotmail.com

I use the latter for MSN messanger.

I could really use a hand remaking the site. I really want to get rid of phpNUKE in favor of something more secure. If anyone reading this has the ability to build a site that looks about as nice as this one, please get in touch with me. I might actually be able to pay you a bit for your efforts. Not very much, of course, but the banners at the top do provide more revenue than my hosting costs are at the moment.

Lemme know.

There is a forum thread on the topic right here.

— ClockWise, February 28, 2005

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