E-Maculation News: February 2008

No More ObjectBar?

Stardock honcho Brad “Frogboy” Wardell has let loose a bunch of complaints about the current state of the “skinning community” over on his site. Check it here.

Meanwhile, a quote over on Teknidermy (but one that I cannot find in the original posting… maybe it was removed?) seems to hint at the end of ObjectBar (nee MacVision): “Already, there's consequences. There will be no ObjectBar 3. It's too expensive to develop and there's too little help from the community to justify the effort versus the revenue it generates. DesktopX barely is surviving and only because Stardock uses it so heavily internally.”

That quote is over here.

— ClockWise, February 25, 2008


Here's a good question that perhaps someone can answer:

“My name is Ivan, I work in a music education lab at Miami Dade College where we are facing a serious problem. Some of the programs we run are outdated OS 9 programs, where developers have either sold the company, or show no intention of porting them to Mac OS 10.5. My dilemma is that the college is upgrading all the computers to new the new iMacs, this completely cripples the lab I work in as far as student education is concerned, none of the programs we have are going to be able to run on the new OS. While sheepshaver has allowed us to run OS 9 effectively, the licensing agreements for the programs only allow us to run them over a network using a server. While using 'Slirp' has allowed us to connect to the internet and access some files over the network, sheepshaver gives me the error message, “The file server's connection has unexpectedly closed down” when I attempt to connect to the lab server. At first I assumed that it was a server problem until I was able to connect to it using another computer running OS X, unfortunately the other computer was not running sheepshaver. My question: is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried using 'slirp' and the 'basilisk II slirp' but with no results. Does anyone have any ideas?”

Answer it over here.

— ClockWise, February 20, 2008

Basilisk II: NIT

“Ironically, this is yet another thing you can't do on the iPhone or iPod Touch.”

“Slim Jim” Watters spreads the word about running Basilisk II on your Nokia Internet Tablet. Complete with helpful instructions and pretty screenshots.

— ClockWise, February 8, 2008

Mini vMac Stuff

All sorts of Mini vMac stuff going on over here that sort of passed me by despite the fact that Mini vMac is my favorite thing ever. January 18 saw a new version of the Nintendo DS port of the emulator.

— ClockWise, February 6, 2008

SheepShaver FAQ

A little SheepShaver FAQ is in the works over here. Be sure to stop by and contribute some questions or suggestions. Would like to get that up on the main pagespace eventually.

— ClockWise, February 4, 2008

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