E-Maculation News: January 2008

SheepShaver Prefs Editor: Updated!

There is an updated version of a longstanding prefs editor for SheepShaver for MacOS X. Get it over here. Scroll down to a post made on January 28 by “MetalSnake.”

— ClockWise, January 28, 2008

Forum Notes!

Okay, so I haven't really been paying attention to the site forum for a while. But when I check it out this afternoon I was surprised to learn that it sees a fair bit of traffic, particularly in the sheepshaver section.

Check it out!

Meanwhile, over in the “General” folder one new user has posted a little pre-history of the emulation scene. Check that over here (scroll down to the post by “David Small”). I don't pretend to understand what it all means but it covers some neat stuff from the mid 1980s.

And also in the “stuff I don't really understand” file is a new folder created by our Sheepshaver guru Cat_7 “on how to run OSX though qemu on different platforms.”

Check out the folder (empty now) over here, and Cat's link on the subject over here. From that site: “The goal is to get every Intel-based Mac OS X version running without modifications on virtualization software, including but not limited to:

* Qemu (done) * KVM (done) * XEN * VirtualBox”

Okay. That's all for now.

— ClockWise, January 26, 2008

Sheepshaver stuff

Hat-tip to Slim Jim for the following SheepShaver news bites:

First, there is a round-up of the new builds of Sheepshaver and Basilisk II for the Macintosh over here.

Meanwhile there is some Sheepshaver love on OSNews.com over here.

A sneak: “When Steve Jobs announced Apples transition to Intel's x86 processor line, a huge stir occurred among some Mac OS X users who depend on 'Classic' the OS9 environment in Mac OS X for their day to day Mac usage, as Mac OS X on Intel means no more 'Classic' and they were right. Rosetta allows PowerPC applications to run on x86 through JIT (Just In Time) architecture emulation, but its translation is not on a low enough level within OS X to allow 'Classic' to work on x86 and as such those among us who use OS9 applications have been left out in the cold. Until now that is: a project called 'Sheep Shaver' was created to allow BeOS on PowerPC emulate the PowerPC architecture to run another PowerPC operating system on top of BeOS. This application was ported to Mac OS X with the demise of Be Inc. and has since been ported to Mac OS X on Intel processors.”

Like, wow!!

— ClockWise, January 5, 2008

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