E-Maculation News: July 2004

PearPC CVS Information

Due to the concerns/questions/comments of PearPC's CVS status I have decided to create a website to archive and post the ppc.exe files from CVS. Check Here for more information.

— schristopheraz, July 1, 2004

Emulators Inc. Hits the Hay

Paperweight writes “From http://www.emulators.com/emulators.com:

'THE END! All future releases of Gemulator and SoftMac are cancelled for good. Fusion PC 3.0, Xformer 2000, Gemulator 2000, and SoftMac XP 8.2 were the final releases of our emulators. Thank you for 17 years of your support.'

Finally Derek gave up. Or maybe he's just busy preparing a release of his PPC emulator? Anyone want to bet?”

— ClockWise, July 1, 2004

Stefan has died

From the pearpc-devel mailing list…

“Yesterday evening at 23:00 one of my best friends, one of my best critics, one of the most valuable programmers of PearPC, the one who could help me in all situations, the one with whom I had the best time of my life, died after getting hit by a train.

Stefan 'steveman' Weyergraf – Rest In Peace. We'll never forget you.

I'll continue PearPC. But I need some time to understand this dramatic accident.


From the staff at E-Maculation to the family and friends, our prayers and deepest condolences in your loss.

— Jackalo, July 3, 2004

Download Page for MACE Source code

Anonymous writes “The source code for MACE (now re-named “Re84”) is available for download at spinther.com. For those wanting a head start on compiling, all I can recommend is to start with Symantec. As I posted before, MACE is an emulation /layer/ for the original toaster macs which runs under Windows much like WINE under Linux.

And of course, my condolences to the family and friends of “The Steveman”. PearPC, the mere software project, also suffered a huge loss, although I believe PearPC will continue to be one of the best emulation projects out there…”

— ClockWise, July 5, 2004

Duckie: Loves Tiger!

Our old arch-rival Duckie “The Real Duckie” Duckie is running Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) in PearPC. Check out the results over here.

— ClockWise, July 6, 2004

SheepShaver: Changes/Files!

Our man Gwenole noted on the Basilisk II development list, that he has placed some new files on his site.

The files are like this:

“- SheepShaver-2.2-14.src.rpm source RPM package
- SheepShaver-2.2-14.i586.rpm x86 binary RPM package
- SheepShaver-2.2-20040707.tar.bz2 CVS sources as of this morning
- SheepShaver.macosx.20040707.tar.bz2 MacOS X binary”

User visible changes since June 9 are like this:

“- Add support for MacOS 9.0.4
- Native MacOS X port through SDL graphics
- Fix timebase emulation, i.e. fix applications using UpTime()
- Fix hardware cursor acceleration on X11, e.g. make the I-beam cursor visible
- Fix 'r' and key mappings for Apple X11 servers
- Fix video thread cancellation on MacOS X
- Fix detection of PowerPC 750FX and 970 processors”

— ClockWise, July 8, 2004

PearPC Status Update

Sebastian Biallas made a note of the emulator's status on the official mailing list. Check out the contents over here.

— ClockWise, July 10, 2004

CD Rom Support

Thanks to dajudge native CD-Rom support is now possible. Check out this post Here for more information.

— schristopheraz, July 12, 2004

Marc. Hoffman.

Shocking news: Marc “OS Emulation Homepage” Hoffman, long thought to be missing in action is, in fact, still in action. And he wants everyone to visit his new Pear PC tutorial site.

Also, he wrote a book.

We're coming, Marc!!

— clockwise, July 15, 2004

PearPC Information Station!

Also, everyone be sure to visit the PearPC Information Station. It started out as a home for PearPC executables made available by our own “CyberMagellan,” but has since become a prime site for PearPC coolness.

— ClockWise, July 15, 2004

PearPC Screenshot Contest

Well we all love to post screenshots right?

Well this is the deal I am hosting a PearPC screenshot contest. What I need is for you to send your screenshot to


With the following information: Nick, and a brief explanation of your screenshot.


1. No porn dealing with Animals/Mechanical Objects/ or Children (Any of which will be reported to your ISP)

2. Must be a screenshot of PearPC with title bar. Nothing from a actual Mac.


I will send one $20.00 giftcard to Best Buy or giftcard to a local store of your choosing with appropriateness.

Contest will be hosted at the PearPC Information Station and judging will take place at Emacualtion.

More details/comments are here.

— schristopheraz, July 18, 2004

QEMU: Close to Running OS X?

Be sure to check out this forum thread for the current status of the QEMU emulator. It highlights this page, which lists the Operating Systems that the emulator can and can not boot. There was a QEMU release on July 10. I hope to pay more attention to this one in the future.

— ClockWise, July 18, 2004

Altivec Builds

Our good friend Daniel Foesch at #PearPC has developed the Altivec processing for PearPC. This has many benfits which can be listed Here.

— schristopheraz, July 20, 2004

Items: Polls! Spyware! Degrassi! Ranks!

Item! There is a new poll posted. A record 4508 people voted in the last one. It seems that most of you have gotten PearPC to boot MacOS X!

Item! Still on the topic of polls, the forum “ranks” are up for a vote in this thread. Be sure to cast a ballot!

Item! When giving her acceptance speech after being elected to parliament last month, E-Maculation's favorite “it-girl” Belinda Stronach wore purple lipstick. Jim Watters has promised to do the same if his forum rank system is selected as the best!

Item! I got some spyware on my computer, if ya can believe it. Seems like Messenger Plus has some built in adware now. Spybot Search and Destroy is very helpful!

Item! Warren Kinsella reports that at a recent Hives show in Toronto, band front-man Howlin' Pelle Almqvist was heard to shout “CHEER AND CLAP OR WE WILL DESTROY YOUR TORONTO.” Kinsella suggests that all in attendance did exactly that!

Item! Filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed on his forum a few weeks ago that he called “Degrassi: The Next Generation” producer Linda Schuyler and begged her to let him write and direct and episode of that terrific television tapestry!

See you in thirty, true believers!

— ClockWise, July 25, 2005

New IRC Channel

I have created a new IRC server for users to drop by and visit…camp out….and exchange information. Feel free to drop by! See this post for more information: Here.

— SchristopherAZ, July 31, 2005

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