E-Maculation News: July 2006

Newsletter and spam

I sent a newsletter out to all members who are registered to the emaculation forums. There isn't much going on in the mac emulation community, but I did include a few of the things in the postings below. If you get this email, please reply to it, just so I know that you got it. Also, I have finally stopped the mass registrations on the forum. We now have about 30 000 fake users that need to be killed. I will try and get rid of them somehow. If I accidentally delete your account in the process of doing this, please email me. Also, inorder to block the mass registrations, I had to ban all user names that begin with numbers. If you want a user name that starts with a number, please email me and I'll sort it out. Thanks'

— Stephen Coates, July 1, 2006

New Site

ClockWise has said I can make a new emaculation site, due to all the problems with the current one (mostly the forums). During this time some of the site might not be avaliable. If this is the case, please just check back later. I am also going to be updating the information on this site because some of it is getting out of date. If there is some sort of article that you would like to write for E-Maculation, please email me at stephen.coates@gmail.com. I have started by cleaning out all the fake users from the database. During this process, I may accidentally delete one or two real user. Although this shouldn't happen, if it does, please register on the forums again and send me an email. Thanks, Steve.

— Stephen Coates, July 9, 2006

News Archive

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