E-Maculation News: July 2007

Happy Birthday Emaculation!

I can't believe I missed this. E-maculation has been around since before I even got internet access, and the birthday has been mentioned before. I (we) seemed to have missed it last year as well. Anyway, E-maculation was started in May 1999 (I got internet access in November 1999). This would make the site 8 years old! Although there is still no new emulation news as far as I'm aware. But the SheepShaver package that I mentioned a couple of months ago is no longer on VersionTracker. I've no idea if it is still avaliable from anywhere else.

— Stephen Coates, July 2, 2007

Site News

I am finally doing some work on the site. In the forum, I installed a better anti-spam mod. This seems to be working well. I am also trying to restore the theme. Or at least restore some of it. I am hardly an expert with forum so if the forum looks a bit strange, you'll just have to put up with it until I've finished. The forum should still be fully functional though. I also added an article to the articles page by Michael Brice. It is about whether SheepShaver could be a good replacement for Apple's Classic Environment, now that Classic is no longer supported on the Intel Macs. You can read the article here: Click!

This article was also published on MacTalk Australia so you might have already read it. I also have another couple of articles to put on the site, and some of the emulator information pages also need updating. If anyone fancies writing something for the site, send me an email (by clicking on my name at the top of this post), or discuss in the forum.

Also, a few other things that I missed, which you have probably already read about anyway, Apple released the iPhone in America. As usual with new Apple products, a load of crazy people queued up outside Apple stores for ages. Apple also released a version of Safari for Windows and claims that it is the fastest browser there is for Windows. I have used it, and I would say that it is slower than Opera 9. Discuss in the forum.

— Stephen Coates, July 2, 2008

Domain Renewal

The E-maculation domain expired and the site was down for a while, however it has been renewed now so the site should be OK. Sorry if you tried to visit the site and couldn't.

— Stephen Coates, July 21, 2008

News Archive

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