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-====== Mac OS ====== 
-Apple has made older versions of Mac OS available for free download. ​ Find them at [[http://​www.info.apple.com/​support/​oldersoftwarelist.html#​system|AppleCare Support]]. ​ Look for **System_7.5.3_01of19.smi.bin** to install System 7.5.3 (you need all 19 parts) and **SSW_6.0.8-1.4MB_Disk1of2.sea.bin** for an install of System 6 (you need both parts). 
-You can also use **Sys_7.5.5_Update-NetInstall.sea.bi** to update your system. 
-Newer version of Mac OS have not been made available for free download. 
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