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 ===== Acquiring a ROM Image ===== ===== Acquiring a ROM Image =====
-We don't provide ROM images. ​ But you can probably find a ROM image quickly via a Google search.  For information on getting a ROM image from an actual Macintosh, check out [[capturing rom|this guide]]. ​ Users of [[Basilisk II]] can acquire a PPC Mac ROM image (for use in SheepShaver) legally by following the instructions in [[sheepshaver ​roms|this guide]].+We don't provide ROM images.  That is site policy.  But you can probably find a ROM image quickly via a Google search (try Googling: "​redundant robot sheepshaver").
 +For information on getting a legal ROM image from an actual 68k Macintosh (to use in Basilisk II), check out [[capturing rom|this guide]]. ​ Extracting a ROM for SheepShaver is a bit easier - try [[sheepshaver roms|this guide]].
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