E-Maculation News: March, 2004

Geek: Of the Month?

Regular E-Maculation reader Adam Levinstein has started a new site called Geek of the Month, and he is trying to get the word out about it. Be sure to check it out.

Here's the scoop on the point of the site: “Geek of the Month.com is a site that has been created for the purpose of sharing your hobbies, passions and ultimately, your “geekness”, with others like your yourself. This site is completely nondiscriminatory, and does not pass any judgment upon you or the ways in which your pass your free time.”

— March 5, 2004

ARDI: Untested Binaries!

Missed this when it went online, but ARDI has posted some untested stopgap binaries to fix a problem in the last release of Executor that fails to recognize 2004 as a leap year.

It is sad, I think, that there is “nobody to put together a proper release” over at ARDI.

— March 14, 2004

The SheepShaver User's Guide!

Forum member Cat_7 has written a very helpful guide to installing/running SheepShaver. You can check it out over here. Suggestions and comments on the guide ought to be made over here, in the forum.

— March 20, 2004

Retro Computing Challenge!

Emaculation reader (and Basilisk installer creator) citonx600 has issued a challenge over on the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army forums.

He wants you to use an old Macintosh for thirty days.

The hardware requirements are like this: “Any Macintosh from the Plus to the Power Macintosh 9600 are allowed. You may use another machine if and only if you decide you will be using an emulated Macintosh instead of a real one. Apple Network Servers and WorkGroup Servers are allowed.”

Emulation specific requirements go this way: “If you use an emulated Macintosh, the emulation's memory allocation cannot exceed the official AppleSpec listing of the emulated model's capacity. This means if you run Basilisk II emulating a Quadra 950, you cannot emulate more RAM than a real Quadra 950 would accept. Emulated hard disk capacities are limited to 1GB. Emulation users can only use the emulation program, no other portion of the computer doing the emulation. While the challenge is going on, you are not permitted to use Disk Utilities to exchange data between the emulation and the host.”

Some bonus points can be gotten this way: “Users will be tracking what software applications they use, how long they typically use this vintage computer, what internet sites or chat mediums they engaged in and how productive they were. Users should also keep track of the number of games they played on their vintage systems.”

Check out the whole scoop over here.

I sure as heck won't be participating, but if anyone reading the site think they are up to it, be sure to drop a comment or two.

— March 22, 2004

ObjectBar/ObjectDock News!

Jeff Bargmann visited the Aqua Soft forum (registration required) this afternoon and dropped a few words about the development of ObjectBar (nee: MacVision) and ObjectDock.

Here's the scoop: “ObjectDock dev is currently on hold while attention is paid to the next version of ObjectBar, OB2, which features such things as a completly redone User Interface for a user-centered experience, allowing easy creating/editing of ObjectBar themes, and easy in-line skinning. (Check out the objectbar & objectbar.binaries group on stardock's [boards] (server address news.stardock.com) <p> Regardless, focus will be restored to ObjectDock by summertime to start enacting the sets of new original features and abilities I have in mind for the next ObjectDock.”

— March 25, 2004

SheepShaver SlackWare Pack!

Slackware Linux users might be interested in snagging this SheepShaver package for Slackware.

I use SlackWare and have been able to compile and run SheepShaver quite nicely. If you are having trouble running the emulator (many people on our SheepShaver forum are having difficulty with RedHat, for example), SlackWare might be a good choice.

— March 29, 2004

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