E-Maculation News: March, 2005

The Rhapsody Project: We Update You

Anonymous writes:

FYI Here's an Update to last years story on osopinion: link

— ClockWise, March 2, 2005

CherryOS: Update, But Not Really

Anonymous writes:

“It looks as though Maui X-Stream, Inc. has redirected www.cherryos.com to an actual product page on their main site. Wow, this makes things official, it must be real! (Keep your negative and sarcastic remarks to yourself, I was being facetious.) One can only hope that this product does what it says it does, and at a decent speed. As always, in the Mac Emulation world, we'll just have to ignore the promises, not get overly excited on deadlines, and wait. Anyone have any real information on this “progress?” Has anyone seen any press releases with an actual date?”

— ClockWise, March 2, 2005

SheepShaver: Installer!

You can snag a nifty windows installer for SheepShaver over here. The creator of that promises a PearPC installer in the near future. It would be cool if everyone interested in that posted some encouragement.

— ClockWise, March 5, 2005

Meta Note: E-Maculation Down

In mid-March, the site was brought down by a script-kiddie running an attack on our old PHP-NUKE content management system. You can read my upset post on the matter.

First Post!

Hey and welcome to the new wordpress system. I am sure there are still bugs abound but hopefully we can smooth them over as we stress out the system. Hopefully this will be much more secure and upgradeable then the old nuke system (bleeeck). Let me know of any problems!

— MeanE, March 19, 2005

Back... Indeed

Yes. We are, in fact, back. I got a bunch of offers of help, and one offer to buy the site, but instead just had Jeff (MeanE) make a new site. Why? He works cheap. I've got a bunch of news items to catch up on. Some cool SheepShaver items, some PearPC stuff and some CherryOS crap. Watch for those tomorrow. Spread the word around about the return, will you?

— ClockWise, March 21, 2005

SheepShaver Test Build

Here's the coolest story we missed out on: you can get a test build of SheepShaver for windows, that Jim Watters says is 400% faster than the previous build. Check out the forum thread with a link to some bench marks.

— ClockWise, March 22, 2005

It runs in SheepShaver

Cool thread going on over in Jim Watters's OS Emulation Forum over here. It is listing all of the programs confirmed to run in SheepShaver for Windows. Begins with Mac OS 9.0.4, and ends with an unfortunate report of failure to run Escape Velocity Nova.

— ClockWise, March 24, 2005

CherryOS: Really, it's Fake

The last story we missed: Over here is the final word on CherryOs ripping off PearPC.

— ClockWise, March 25, 2005

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