E-Maculation News: May, 2005

Mini vMac: 2.6.1

New version of Mini vMac over here. The scoop is this:

“Mini vMac now has a variation that emulates the Macintosh SE. Another highlight is that the window position is restored when leaving Full Screen mode.”

— ClockWise, May 2, 2005

CherryOS Points to Emaculation

Havin_it points out on the Emaculation forum that the CherryOS webpage links to only one website … ours! PS: While it's nice to have a link to us, don't blame us for the CherryOS debacle. We're innocent bystanders!

— MacEmu, May 11, 2005

Happy Birthday PearPC!

PPC_Digger reminds us that the PearPC project has been public for a year now. From the official PearPC website:

“Happy Birthday! One year ago I released PearPC 0.1, so today PearPC celebrates it's first birthday! Thanks for all who helped so far.”

— MacEmu, May 11, 2005

Missing ClockWise

In case you didn't hear, our beloved hardworking Emaculation host has moved to South Korea for a year or so. While Clockwise still has Internet access at the moment, it is believed that he may not be around for awhile. Thanks for everything you've done to keep Emaculation going dude! (Send the vMac dude to “visit” Little Kim Jong-il next door will ya?)


— MacEmu, May 11, 2005

Wordpress Upgrade

I just updated Wordpress to 1.5.1 so if there are any bugs let me know (although you would think there will be fewer). This is a part informational and part testing message. ;)

— MeanE, May 13, 2005

In Korea

Indeed, I am in South Korea. As you can expect, I'm taking some time to settle in. I hope, though, when I have time, I will be able to write some updates to the site. I expect, though, that I will have lots of help with keeping the site somewhat up to date. Anyhow, the site passed the five year mark a few weeks ago. Five years!

— ClockWise, May 15, 2005

Six Years!

I suppose I was having a David Bowie moment, since this site has CLEARLY been on the air for six years. Anyhow, for the curious, I am teaching in a little city called Suncheon in the southern-most provence of South Korea. Have been here for a week, and am enjoying it very much. The job is taxing, but the rewards (emotional, spiritual and financial) make up for the stresses of living in a foreign land. Anyhow: Our esteemed Cat_7 is interested in updating some of the text pages linked on the right side of the page. Watch for those. We've a couple volunteers to watch for news updates, and when I get more settled in here (maybe in a couple weeks time), I'll try to do the watch myself. Take care, friends.

— ClockWise, May 15, 2005

Sound from PearPC!

Hello, The development list of PearPC just showed a message stating sound output from OSX 10.2/10.3 is now possible through the use of the ESD daemon. Ok, it's not the “clean” solution we are all hoping for, but it should work and I guess it will show some progress in the future… Read all about it in this post

— Cat_7, May 15, 2005

SoftMac Pro 9.0

After putting blood, sweat and tears into creating and supporting the retail Mac emulator called SoftMac, it turns out Darek Mihocka of Emulators, Inc. is just taking an indefinite vacation and will someday return with an even bigger, longer & uncut SoftMac version. In a recent offsite Blog, Darek admits his emulator isn't perfect but heroically brags about fixing the mistake that prevented his retail product from working on Windows XP Pro 64-bit. You heard it here first:

“I took the most recent beta build of SoftMac 9.0 (a.k.a. SoftMac Pro) out of mothballs and debugged the problem. Turns out to be a bug on my part, making some incorrect assumptions which break on the 64-bit platform. My bad.”

— MacEmu May 25, 2005

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