E-Maculation News: May 2006

New BasiliskII Build available

Hi, over at the Basilisk II wiki, new Basilisk II builds for Linux, Windows and Mac (PPC and Intel Universal Binairy) are available. Improvements:
*Handle up to 1 GB of Mac memory
*Handle MacOS idle wait (idlewait prefs item)
*Fix a crash with the AppleShare extension
*Improve SLiRP network emulation performance
*Portability fixes to IRIX/mips, Solaris/SPARC
*MacOS X:
o Port to MacOS X for Intel, including the JIT
o Add a primitive graphical preferences editor
o Fix clipboard (copy/paste of text from/to the host OS)
o Fix external filesystem (extended file infos, “invisible” folders, creation times)
o Fix SLiRP network emulation (workaround MacOS X bugs)
* Windows:
o Add SLiRP network emulation (ether slirp)
o Add TAP-Win32 network emulation (ether tap)
o Fix CD-ROM auto-detection (pollmedia now works)
o Improve GUI for network configuration

— Cat_7, May 1, 2006

PearPC - 2 Years Old - Happy Birthday!

A few days ago, PearPC celebrated it's second birthday. I can't believe it is two years since it was taking us all like a whole day to install OSX on our PCs. In fact, I've not even used PearPC yet. I really should do. Then again, I suppose it still doesn't work very quickly on 500MHz Pentium IIIs, which is what I have. Happy birthday PearPC!

— Stephen Coates, May 20, 2006

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