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 [[sheepshaver_virtual_print_server|SheepShaver as virtual print server for AppleTalk-only printers]] (OSX)\\ [[sheepshaver_virtual_print_server|SheepShaver as virtual print server for AppleTalk-only printers]] (OSX)\\
 [[dmg2iso|Convert .DMG to .ISO]] (helpful for PearPC users)\\ [[dmg2iso|Convert .DMG to .ISO]] (helpful for PearPC users)\\
-[[PearPC Control Panel]] (download and information)\\ +[[PearPC Control Panel]] (download and information)\\ 
 +[[appletalk_printserver_macos_and_osx|Setting up an AppleTalk file- and printserver for Classic Mac OS and OS X]]\\
 ===== Miscellaneous Help ===== ===== Miscellaneous Help =====
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