E-Maculation News: November 2008

Another New Mini vMac!

yksoft has compiled and posted a new build of Mini vMac. Check it out in the forum. Not sure what's new in this one… it's from a source snapshot dated November 20, but the official site doesn't seem to describe the changes therein.

There is also news of an iPhone port of Mini vMac.

ClockWise 2008/11/25 06:44

SheepShaver and PearPC Guides

Ronald's SheepShaver for OS X setup guide is now part of the wiki. Ronald also updated it! Check it out.

I have created a quick PearPC setup guide. It reflects the most current “redscorp” build of the emulator (from March of this year).

Meanwhile, Darek Mihocka is to have a new “No Execute” column on his site on December 1.

ClockWise 2008/11/22 05:29


More site updates. Here's the scoop:

1. The news now stretches back to July of 2004. The news now includes both the birth and death of CherryOS, and much of the initial PearPC excitement!

2. I touched up the guides, clarifying stuff and fixing an unfortunate broken link in the SoftMac guide.

3. I added a couple of files to the 68K software collection.

4. Quick seekers can now check out a big list of all the files available for download from this site.

ClockWise 2008/11/19 23:19

Site Updates

Here's the latest:

1. I have wikified the 2007 and 2008 news postings. The news archive now includes everything from October 2004 to the present. I am working on getting the older news online. Big thanks to Stephen for helping with this.

2. I have added a few new items to the 68K Software collection. I will add more to that shortly.

3. That build of Mini vMac is now listed in our collection of unofficial releases.

ClockWise 2008/11/13 22:42

Mini vMac with Color!

Check out this forum thread to get another unofficial build of Mini vMac.

That build is still black and white, although as detailed on the official page, the latest snapshot adds color to the Mac II emulation, when OS X is the host system. I look forward to seeing color in Mini vMac for Windows in the future!

ClockWise 2008/11/12 05:46

2006 News!

I've added all of the site news from 2006 to the wiki. I will start in on 2007 soon. Once all of the news from our Wordpress setup is added, I will move back to 2004 and start adding the news from our phpnuke setup. Also, some forum users have made lots of suggestions for the 68K software page, so I expect to update that sometime this week.

ClockWise 2008/11/11 21:47

68K Mac Software

I've made a couple of updates to the section of the site that collects 68K software. Might I recommendGraphic Converter? It's a nice non-bloaty way to edit your photos and graphic files. Another old favorite is DragThing, which is sort of where Apple got the idea for the dock in Mac OS X.

There are a couple more cool essential softwares I want to upload in the next day or two.

ClockWise 2008/11/04 18:59

New Host!

I've moved the site to a new host. I'm afraid to say that our host of almost five years, A Small Orange, is really on its last legs.

The new host should mean fewer downtimes and faster loading pages.

Also, I have uploaded all the news from 2005 to the wiki. I'm going to start adding more news very soon.

ClockWise 2008/11/03 18:08

News Archive

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