E-Maculation News: October 2004

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I think I've posted an identicle story once per month for the last five years, but in case you have an interest in making your PC look like an iMac (physically), check out this link. It was submitted.

Also: Sorry about the quiet time on the site. I've been very busy. I bought a book of poems by Leonard Cohen and have had no time to update. (It is a very long book)

— ClockWise, October 5, 2004


Got a bunch of submissions about something called CherryOS. One guy called it “a new G4 emulator for Windows.”

I've got no details on it at the moment - the linked website is being hit with lots of traffic and appears disabled. If anyone has the scoop, be sure to leave a comment.

— ClockWise, October 12, 2004

Cherry Scoop

Some talk going on about CherryOS in the forum. Also at PearPC.net.

Many feel that the emulator is a repackaged version of PearPC. Some disagree.

The CherryOS site is still down, but you can download the program's manual right here.

The manual says this regarding performance:

“CherryOS has been tuned for performance. You can expect to get about 80% of your processors power when working in the Apple Environment. For example a 1ghz PIII would run about the same as a 800mhz G3 machine. With a Pentium IV processor it is even possible to emulate a G4 PowerMac.”

There is a MacWorld article about the emulator over here.

The company behind the emulator appears to be “Maui X-Stream,” Inc., operated out of Hawaii by a guy named Aren Kryeziu.

Kryeziu, like PearPC developer Sebastian Biallas is German, according to this article. Acording to the same piece, he is the sole employee of his company.

Maui X-Stream appears to be behind a streaming video service.

— ClockWise, October 12, 2004

More Like CherryPie!

The good folks over at Apple-X actually gave the creator of CherryOS a call to press for some details.

Arben Kryeziu told them that his emulator was not developed from PearPC code.

Check out a few more details over here.

— ClockWise, October 12, 2004

CherryOS Popped!

Looks like CherryOS might be a fraud. Rob “jawa” Snyder passed along this debunking of the creator of the emulator. It came from the PearPC.net forums.

— ClockWise, October 14, 2004

This Cherry is the Pits!

Okay. Here's the scoop:

The CherryOS website is online. The program manual, which has been used to poke holes in the emulator is no longer included on the site, but you can download it from this site by scrolling down a couple of items.

There is a “store” on that site to buy the emulator, but nothing is shipping.

Jim Drew was last seen making a run for the Arizona/Mexico border carrying a paint-gun and his iFusion prototype hardware.

There is a “is CherryOS real?” poll on the site. Vote often.

More as it comes.

— ClockWise, October 14, 2004

CherryOS rips PearPC

Autumnmist writes “Between this expose on Arben K and his history of stealing the code of others and selling it illegally (Arben is the “developer” of CherryOS though he has changed his story and now claims that he was merely the “visionary” behind it, not the programmer – rather unbelievable since there are records of him posting about elementary PHP questions on various newgroups)… to today's article in Wired News which includes these choice quotations (see below)… there's very little room to doubt that CherryOS and Arben K are frauds.

End Conclusions: - CherryOS *does* exist in the sense that you can download a program called CherryOS that attempts to make it possible to run OS X on an x86 machine

- However CherryOS is a rip/copy of PearPC, straight from its GPL source. This is a very illegal violoation of PearPC's GPL license because CherryOS is neither crediting PearPC nor “giving back” to PearPC the code that they may have changed or added. Since CherryOS is a rip of PearPC, it will NOT deliver on the 80% performance promised, and in fact, it even lacks some of the features that newer builds of PearPC have (native CD-ROM on Windows, sound, etc).

Key quotations from the Wired article: Dave Schroeder, senior systems engineer at the University of Wisconsin, examined a pre-release copy of CherryOS downloaded from Maui X-Stream by Wired News. Schroeder concluded CherryOS is likely PearPC wrapped in a different package. Schroeder said he compared the names of various functions and variables in CherryOS and PearPC, and found they all matched. “This is pretty clear-cut,” he said. “They are, in fact, using significant amounts of code from PearPC.” The software does include functions of starting and stopping the emulator, and support for multiple profiles, but the implementation is rough and incomplete, he said. Sebastian Ballas, PearPC's lead developer, said a screenshot of CherryOS shows a variable named “SPIRO MULTIMAX 3000,” a nonsensical term Ballas claims to have invented for use in PearPC. “It is absolutely unlikely that someone uses exactly this name for the same purpose,” he said. “The way he (Kryeziu) is lying is making me angry.”

— ClockWise, October 18, 2004

CherryOS Ready for Release

Anonymous writes “CherryOS' Webpage is back, with a promised download on the 25th November, 2004.

Download of a Trial and Full Purchase will be made avalible, according to their Webpage

This will finally prove/disprove CherryOS' REAL existence”

— ClockWise, October 23, 2004

More on Arben Kryeziu!

Marc Hoffman of the OS Emulation Homepage has done some research on, and has had some correspondence with the creator of CherryOS. Check out his thoughts over here.

— ClockWise, October 23, 2004

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