E-Maculation News: October 2008

Kegs Setup Guide

Just for kicks, I've written a little setup guide for Kegs32, an Apple IIgs emulator for Windows. Kegs is tricky to set up… so I've included some helpful GS/OS installation files and disk images. I hope it proves useful.

Meanwhile Cat_7 has been playing with the mysterious EmMac emulator. If you have any experience with that, check out his forum thread on the topic.

ClockWise 2008/10/26 22:31

Executor Setup Guide

And now there is a setup guide for Executor. I know its about ten years too late, but whatever…

I'm running out of emulators about which to write. I feel like I might have to write about pearpc next.


ClockWise 2008/10/22 03:26

Site Updates

Lots of site updates. I've spent a lot of time fixing typos and making things more clear. I think that will be an ongoing project.

I like that with the Wiki software I can create random pages whenever the desire strikes me. For example, I created a little page about getting online in SheepShaver after I had some difficulties with the Nat/router feature of the emulator. Likewise, I spent some time peering through the archive.org crystal ball and was inspired to create a short history of Microcode Solutions and another of Emulators, Inc (and the former I have added to EmuWiki).

Finally, I have started to upload the old news archive to the wiki. Obviously that will take a long time, but I plan to add a few months each week for the foreseeable future. Keep checking the archive links at the bottom of this page if you are interested in that.

ClockWise 2008/10/16 12:46

Executor Source Code Released!

Cliff Matthews has released the source code for Executor and Syn68K! Here's the link.

And here is Cliff's news:

“Executor has not been actively worked on for many years.

Right now I'm putting it on github (with the original authors' permission) as-is. I haven't even tried building it in the last year or so.

Included are a bunch of auxiliarly files and miscellaneous front-ends. It's unlikely anything other than the Linux and win32 ports can be made to go.

The DOS port required various other libraries that we had permission to use, but that we did not necessarily have the permission to publish the source for, so the source to some of the packages that the DOS port requires is not present in the github repository.

My email address is still ctm@ardi.com, although ARDI itself is defunct. I get a ridiculous amount of spam and will quite possibly not see email addressed to me.

For a few years I've been meaning to verify that the code builds, write a little documentation, explain a little history, maybe even set up a mailing list for people, etc… but other things have always taken precedence.”

More on this as it develops!

ClockWise 2008/10/13 00:35

Emulation Benchmarks!

Okay, so I've made some Mac emulation benchmarks. I pitted two versions of softmac up against three versions of Basilisk II. The results say that Basilisk II JIT is much faster than SoftMac. They also say that neither SoftMac or Basilisk II have improved, speed-wise, in the last seven years.

ClockWise 2008/10/12 20:56

SoftMac Setup Guide!

Because you demanded it!!

We now have a softmac setup guide online! Check it out! It will guide you through the setup of System 7.5.3 in SoftMac. One of the nice things about SoftMac is that you don't need to download any semi-illegal boot disk to install the OS… you can use a boot disk that Apple provides (and Basilisk II is unable to boot). Anyways… the guide is a first draft… check it out and make some suggestions.

ClockWise 2008/10/10 23:21

Wiki Coming Along Nicely!

So the wiki is coming along nicely. I really dig the wiki. Actually, I am quite in love with the wiki. Everything is online and I'm slowly fixing all the typos and stuff in the guides and in the emulator pages.

Our visitor stats have made it clear to me now that most of the visitors to this site visit only the forum or an emulator guide that they find via a link or a search engine. And since the search engines have still only indexed the old pages, it is clear to me that no one is actually looking at the wiki.

Sucks, right?

Anyways. If anyone is actually reading this, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail and tell me what's up.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for some special SUPRISE CONTENT coming up in the next few days.

ClockWise 2008/10/10 04:37

E-Maculation Wiki!

We've become a wiki! Wow! I thought it was about time that the site design get updated, so I've rebuilt the site using DokuWiki. Most of the content is the same, but I hope everything is a little easier to access and that everything is cleaner. If you find any broken links, bugs, typos of if you have any suggestions, just e-mail me.

ClockWise 2008/10/06 22:19

SheepShaver: Special Report

MacWindows has been posting a lot of information about SheepShaver in the last couple of weeks. They’ve lately been focusing in on the OS X build of the emulator, since a lot of users are interested in running the emulator on their Intel Macs.

The editor of the site has collected a number of recent posts into a special report on the subject. Check it out!

— ClockWise, October 5 2008


Check this out. That’s a link to a guy who is developing an open source clone of Kid Pix.

So cool.

— ClockWise, October 5 2008

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