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 ====== PearPC Control Panel ====== ====== PearPC Control Panel ======
-(page updated ​July 10, 2011)+(page updated ​September ​10, 2011)
 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-The PearPC control panel is used to set up [[PearPC]].  ​Without it, the emulator must be launched at the command prompt.+The PearPC control panel is used to set up [[PearPC]].  ​It is a nice applicationbut we now recommend to users the [[http://​www.kxlan.co.uk/​Jamie|PearPC VirtulBox GUI]] instead.
 ===== Downloads ===== ===== Downloads =====
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-===== Usage =====+===== Troubleshooting ​=====
-Consult ​the [[pearpc setup|PearPC ​setup guide]] for tips.+Occasionally, ​the PearPC ​Control Panel will return a "​Runtime Error 76" and refuse to save or import any config files. ​ If this happens, you must uninstall the control panel, delete the *.ini files remaining in the program directory (they are not removed by the uninstaller) and reinstall the control panel.
 Check at the [[http://​www.emaculation.com|E-Maculation forum]] for support. Check at the [[http://​www.emaculation.com|E-Maculation forum]] for support.
-===== Alternatives ===== 
-The PearPC Control Panel is sort of flakey. ​ I highly recommend creating your own configuration file using Guillaume Jamet'​s online [[http://​guillaumejamet.eu/​index.php?​rub=rubrique_pearpc_cfg.php|config file generator]] and launching the emulator from the [[http://​pearpc.sourceforge.net/​getstart.html#​starting|command prompt]]. 
-You can also use the [[http://​www.kxlan.co.uk/​Jamie|PearPC Virtualbox GUI]]. 
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