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PearPC Internet Sharing Guide


(This guide is really just an adaptation of this networking guide from PearPC.net. That means: this document is also released under the terms of the GNU Free Document License. The authors of the original document are listed here.)


Getting online in PearPC is fun and easy! There are just a few things you need to assemble beforehand:

  • You should probably be using PearPC .5pre (redscorp), with the newest PearPC Control Panel. There is a setup guide with downloads over here.
  • This guide is for use with PearPC booting Mac OS X 10.3 and above. For tips on setting up internet connection sharing in Mac OS X 10.2, check out the original version of the guide.
  • You need an IP address that is not in the range of 192.168.0.* (where * is between 1 and 254). If your IP is within that range and you cannot change it, please check out an alternate method of getting online.
  • You need to install OpenVPN before you begin.

Setting Up

Install OpenVPN. You only need to install “Tap-Win32 Virtual Ethernet Adapter.” For the sake of convenience, you should also install the start menu shortcuts. The other components of the program are not necessary.

Browse to the Windows control panel and open “Network Connections.” OpenVPN will have already created a new LAN connection called (something like) “Local Area Connection 2” (see figure one, below).

Figure One: OpenVPN has created a new LAN connection

Right click on your real LAN connection and select “properties.” Go to the Advanced tab and select “Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection.” In the drop down menu, select “Local Area Connection 2” (or whatever it is that OpenVPN created). Check out figure two, below, for details.

Figure Two: Click the check-box

Run the PearPC Control Panel. Edit your existing configuration. On the “Networking” part of the configuration screen, click “Use 3c90x” (if your emulated machine is booting OS X 10.3 or later) or “Use Realtek Card” (if your emulated Machine is booting OS X 10.2 or earlier). Everything else can remain at the default settings. Now save your configuration (and check out figure three).

Figure Three: Setting up the network settings in PearPC Control Panel

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