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   qemu-system-ppc -L pc-bios -boot d -M mac99,​via=pmu -m 512 \   qemu-system-ppc -L pc-bios -boot d -M mac99,​via=pmu -m 512 \
   -prom-env '​auto-boot?​=true'​ -prom-env '​boot-args=-v'​ -prom-env '​vga-ndrv?​=true'​ \   -prom-env '​auto-boot?​=true'​ -prom-env '​boot-args=-v'​ -prom-env '​vga-ndrv?​=true'​ \
-  -drive file=MacOS9.2.iso,​format=raw,​media=cdrom -drive file=MacOS9.2.img,​format=raw,​media=disk \+  -drive file=MacOS9.2.iso,​format=raw,​media=cdrom ​
 +  ​-drive file=MacOS9.2.img,​format=raw,​media=disk \
   -netdev user,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01 \   -netdev user,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01 \
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