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 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
-[[Qemu]] can run PPC Mac OS 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 and PPC OSX 10.010.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5+[[Qemu]] can run the PowerPC versions of Mac OS 9.0 to 9.2 and OSX 10.0 to 10.5Qemu can also run some OSX release previews.
 ===== Requirements ===== ===== Requirements =====
   * Qemu program \\   * Qemu program \\
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 Installations of other versions of Mac OS or OSX (roughly) follow the same path. \\ Installations of other versions of Mac OS or OSX (roughly) follow the same path. \\
 +NOTE: When trying to install Mac OS 9.0.4 you need to make sure to use a version that contains a Mac OS ROM version 5.6 or above. \\
 +Also make sure to set the -M parameter to -M mac99. \\
 ===== Qemu installation ===== ===== Qemu installation =====
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