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   * -netdev tap,​ifname=TapEthernet1,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01,​mac=52:​54:​00:​12:​34:​56   * -netdev tap,​ifname=TapEthernet1,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01,​mac=52:​54:​00:​12:​34:​56
   * -netdev tap,​ifname=TapEthernet2,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01,​mac=52:​54:​00:​12:​34:​66   * -netdev tap,​ifname=TapEthernet2,​id=network01 -device sungem,​netdev=network01,​mac=52:​54:​00:​12:​34:​66
 +=== Forwarding ports to the host ===
 +You can provide services running on the guest to the host by forwarding ports to the host. To provide access to a webserver running in the guest you can use:
 +  * -netdev user,​id=network01,​hostfwd=tcp::​80-:​80
 +The webserver running on the guest is then accessible through e.g., http://​localhost or http://​name-or-ip-adress-of-machine from other machines running on your network.
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