E-Maculation News: September 2004

Downtime Girl!

Yeah, we had a little downtime. But now we are up. Big props to our pal Tim over at our wonderful host. Tim was put in an bad spot because of another company, and literally opened his wallet to get this site (and a bunch of other sites) back online.

If ever you want great hosting (this downtime notwithstanding), go for our guys.

— ClockWise, September 2, 2004

Win Some More Gmail Invites!

To celebrate our return, E-Maculation aficionado “Mike” has given the site six Gmail invites to give away to forum members. To win one, register an account at the site, and post in this thread. Six winners will be chosen at random on September 13.

— ClockWise, September 2, 2004

PearPC 0.3.1

That .3.1 version of PearPC has seen a release. Download it at the official site.

Look at the changelog over here, and get a peek at the log for the unreleased 0.4.0 version while you are there.

— ClockWise, September 6, 2004

Mini vMac 2.4.1 released

Anonymous writes “Mini vMac 2.4.1 is now available, from the official site. Some highlights are a first attempt at supporting sound in the Windows version, a better square wave sound approximation, a somewhat lower level mouse emulation, and a few fixes for the X version. Also, since the last release, the documentation was updated and the listing of Macintosh Plus software was expanded.”

— ClockWise, September 8, 2004

More vMac Stuff!

That mini-vMac release reminds me to plug a request from July by developer Weston Pawlowski in the forum.

Here it is:

“Hey, I was just wondering if any of you guys have used vMac on Windows 2000 or XP… Would it be correct for me to assume that physical floppy and CD support don't work for anyone on either OS? Are there any other problems specific to Windows 2000 or later?

I intend to fix those problems and release version It's only been 5 years since the last public release… better late than never. It will be a maintance release, but you will see some new features as well. There was a version, but it was only released in source code form to a very limited audience, and it wasn't finished. It contained bug fixes, theoretical network support, and several performance improvements. I remember being quite pleased with the boosted performance, but I suppose that's no longer an issue… it really kicked ass on the 266MHz machine I was using at the time though. The theoretical network support is in my SCC emulation… it has an option to emulate a modem and allow you to “dial” a TCP/IP connection, which could theoretically be directed at a pppd service tied to a TCP port. I've never attempted that, but it's an idea. You could also use it to Telnet somewhere, but the Telnet protocol is not implemented. I actually used it to connect to IRC and say hi to everyone on #vMac once, but doing a manual IRC connection like that was a bit annoying. It was a neat trick at the time though.

Anyway, I'll see about getting floppy and CD support working under modern versions of Windows, fix another bug or two, and then release… It should be simple, but I forgot what a horrible mess our source code was.”

— ClockWise, September 9, 2004

Quick Transit Universal Emulator

Anonymous writes “Transitive’s Breakthrough Hardware Virtualization Products Eliminate the Need for Software Porting

“QuickTransit” Software Allows Applications to Run Transparently on Multiple Hardware Platforms with No Source Code or Binary Changes”


and the Wired News article…


— ClockWise, September 14, 2004

PearPC Sound!

Now that some unseemly distribution issues have been take care of, check out this thread for some news about PearPC… with sound!

— ClockWise, September 16, 2004

Sebastian Biallas: Interviewed!

Anonymous writes “A recent interview with the develeoper of Pearpc can be found here.”

— ClockWise, September 26, 2004

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