Emaculation News: September 2007

Forum is Back

I finally got the forum database fixed! (I told you I would didn’t I?)

The problem with the database occured when I tried to export it. There were lots of characters in the database that wern’t escaped properly, and I had to go through it and manually fix each one. Due to the size of the database it was very difficult to locate each of the errors, so i had to fix the ones I knew about, then upload the database, then attempt to restore it. I would then be told where the next error is and have to go into the database and fix it, and this had to be done many times.

I have also fixed a few of the problems with the forum’s theme. It now contains the anti spam mod, so hopefully there will be no spam. New user registrations also work fine. Thanks for your patience while I was working on it.

If you find any problems with the forum (or the site in general), please send me an email so I can get it fixed.

And don’t forget to scroll down this page to read the news!

— Stephen Coates, September 24, 2007

Basilisk II CVS MIA?

SheepShaver is still there, but Basilisk II appears to be missing.

$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.cebix.net:/home/cvs/cebix login Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.cebix.net:2401/home/cvs/cebix CVS password:

$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.cebix.net:/home/cvs/cebix checkout BasiliskII cvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory cvs [checkout aborted]: no repository

cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.cebix.net:/home/cvs/cebix checkout SheepShaver cvs checkout: Updating SheepShaver cvs checkout: Updating SheepShaver/doc etc…

Update: Last night CVS for Basilisk II was once again available.

— MacEmu, September 21, 2007

Forum - Almost there

I’m still trying to sort it out. I’m really not sure how I managed to mess the database up, but it is getting better. No posts or users should have been lost, so don’t worry.

In the mean time, you can visit the Mac emulation delphi forum here.

— Stephen Coates, September 18, 2007

Forum Update

I think I know what is wrong with the database, it is just a case of either fixing it or getting direct access to the SQL server to try and upload it that way. Expect the forum to be back and fully working during the next few weeks, and I will try never to mess it up again.

— Stephen Coates, September 7, 2007


Sorry, but the forum is going to be down for a bit longer than expected. I updated phpBB and am trying to restore the database but keep getting errors.

This sounds about normal for me, because whenever I try and do something, it never works properly.

I will get it fixed though

— Stephen Coates, September 1, 2007

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