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 ====== Unofficial Emulator Builds ====== ====== Unofficial Emulator Builds ======
-Please keep in mind that this builds ​are all unofficial and sometimes untested.  ​For best results, download the latest official release of the emulator of your choice, and then overwrite with the files provided in these archives. ​ Please don't contact ​the developers with bug reports of support for these emulators - post your questions in our [[http://​www.emaculation.com/​forum|message board]] instead. +**Note**: ​ I no longer maintain ​this complication of builds.  ​You'll have to click through to the [[http://​www.emaculation.com/​forum|forum]] for info about old builds.  ​Just ask.
- +
-Note that this page is almost always out-of-date.  ​Do check the forum for the most recent unofficial releases.+
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