Disassembling and Reassembling Mac ROMs

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Disassembling and Reassembling Mac ROMs

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I figured I should capture this here; I know it's around on various other sites like MacOS9Lives, but many who search Emaculation probably also would like to have a link to this info:


This is a python-based script that takes a New World or Old World PPC style ROM, and disassembles it into its component parts, which can then be modified. The tool can then re-build the ROM into a bootable image. This was used to build the ROM that enables the G4 Mini to boot OS 9. It's also useful to those debugging emulators to fiddle with the different ROM components to test why something in the emulator might not be behaving as expected, and for those who want to more fully understand how the different parts of 68k, PPC or New World ROM images work together.
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