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Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:12 am
by krabat
I have a lot of software from when OS7-9 was everyday life.

Among all of these there is a Software FPU 3.04 control panel (which I put to good use; was it on performa 475? Cant recall), as I need an FPU for some of the old font editors.

But OS9 bombs.

I gather this is probably a normal challenge, but I do not see FPU addressed in the wiki.

Can you help?
thank you.

Re: Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:47 am
by 24bit
SheepShaver is emulating a Power PC 603(e) cpu, alas not completely.
MMU emulation for example is missing.
The FPU however is emulated and runs incredibly fast even on half recent Intel hardware.

It may be that the Apple 68k emulator, built in with the PPC OS, does not deliver the FPU features, your 68k app wants.
Can you try MacOS 8.6 with SoftwareFPU or switch to Basilisk II which does FPU emulation for 68k by design?
Basilisk II will run MacOS 8.1 as the latest.

Which Font editor are you trying to run, BTW?
Edit: SoftwareFPU is running on my side. Host: macOS 10.14.5, guest: SheepShaver 2.5, MacOS 8.6, OldWorldROM.

Re: Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:32 pm
by krabat
Thanks for replying.

I have a lot of them, but seem to remember I was happy with this: FontStudio2.0

FPU-message ... 5.png?dl=0

INFO ... 0.png?dl=0

Also, Macromedia Fontographer - it opens, though, but the font board is highly pixelated. ... 4.png?dl=0

As for trying the SoftFPU on a Basilisk: I will make a note of it (is it of special interest to you that I test it with the font application?), but at present I will focus on testing the limits of this 9.04 install up against my old apps. More curious to see if I CAN use it for eg. certain apps and libraries and HyperCard (eg. I havent found a version of HC that I can make work on this - I only have 2.2, and it says that the memory allocation it gets is ALWAYS less than what it requires to run, no matter what it gets - kinda funny, actually: ... 9.png?dl=0

) as well as dictionaries etc. But I've forgotten a lot of things. Back then it was just a gradual flow from 68K and on, from OS7/(6.x) and on, from SE and on. Where did it really break? I just gradually left things behind, and the many hours invested became part of the new. HOW MUCH time should I invest today? That is the question.

PS: Sorry. Cannot make my dropbox images show up here, even if I remove excess flollowing the suffix.

Re: Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:44 pm
by 24bit
As for FontStudio 2.0, I can only find the nonFPU version here:
Maybe you could add the FPU version and/or floppy images of the app, if available?
The nonFPU version is working on my side with SheepShaver and Basilisk II.
Basilisk II can enable FPU emulation in the apps settings, a third party software FPU may work - or not.

Fontographer does not even display the garbled screen on my side.
Just crashes SheepShever when trying to open a font.
The app does work seemingly with Qemu though, maybe try that one too.


Maybe try IMGBB for picture hosting - paste the BBCode here. ;)

Re: Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:28 pm
by krabat
In case you're interested, these are some I dug out from before 1998.

AdobeTypeReunionDeluxe .sit
ATM® Deluxe 4.0.3 Installer.sit
ATM™ 3.8.1 install.sit
ATM™ 4.0.sit
Border Font Utility 1.0.sit
Border Font Utility SKRIF….sit
Character Chooser
Downloader 5.0.4.sit
Drop•PS ƒ.sit
Font Box 2.1 FAT.sit
Font Box 2.5 [k'd].sit
Font Box 2.5 PPC.sit
Font Box 2.6 (FAT).1.sit
Font Builder.sit
Font Chameleon 1.5.sit
Font Gander 1.0.3.sit
Font Gander Pro 1.1.2.sit
Font Gander Pro 1.2.7.sit
Font Image Library 3.3 FAT.sit
Font List 1.0.sit
font monger.sit
Font Patchin' tc 2.2.2.sit
Font Porter™ 1.0.sit
Font Squeezer 1.1.sit
Font Studio2.0 non-FPU.sit - this is actually the one, that wants an FPU....
Font Viewer.sit
Font_Reserve1.0.2 Lite FAT
Fontastic Plus 1.4 (pre 040.sit
FontDisplay™ 5.4.4A.sit
FontoGrapher 2.3.3.sit
FontoGrapher 3.0.sit
Fontographer® 4.1.5 [k].sit
FontPatchin' tc 2.2.2.sit
Fonts Manager 3.7.3.sit
Fonts Manager™ 3.7.3.sit
FontScan 1.1 ƒ.sit
FontView 1.32c.sit
FontView 1.57.sit
Metamorphosis™ Prof….sit
Suitcase 3.0.sit
Suitcase™ 2.1.1.sit
Suitcase™ 2.1.4p3.sit
the FONDler.sit
the TypeBook v3.24.sit
the TypeBook v3.24.sit
Type FX™.sit
Type Indexer 2.06 DEMO.sit
TypeIndexer 2.0.3.sit
TypeStyler™ 1.01 MacOS US.sit
TypeStyler™ 2.0.2.sit
TypeStyler™ 2.0.sit

Fontographer User’s Man.sit
TrueType Info.sit

Old Font utilities/ASCII:font util.sit
Old Font utilities/Downloader 5.0.1 .sit
Old Font utilities/Font & Sound Valet™1.2.sit
Old Font utilities/Font Downloader 4.0.sit
Old Font utilities/Font Harmony™ .sit
Old Font utilities/Font:DA Mover -Also TrueT….sit
Old Font utilities/Font:DA Utility™1.13.sit
Old Font utilities/Fontonize (ctrl. pan.).sit
Old Font utilities/Fontsie 3.02.sit
Old Font utilities/LaserWriter Font Utility.sit
Old Font utilities/Metamorphosis® Pro 2.01.sit
Old Font utilities/Style Merger Folder.sit
Old Font utilities/The Type book 2.0.sit
Old Font utilities/Varityper ToolKit ƒ.sit

Fontographer User’s Man.sit
TrueType Info.sit

Thank you for the info. :-D
I'll give it a go.

Re: Pre-packaged OS9.04 and software FPU

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:41 pm
by 24bit
Nice finding!
Would you mind checking which of your gems are already available at Macintoshgarden?
Of course all missing things would be much appreciated!