Rugrats Adventure Game: SheepShaver

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Rugrats Adventure Game: SheepShaver

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I currently have SheepShaver Wrapper installed on my macOS Mojave: Version 10.14.5.

I downloaded an emulation of Rugrats Adventure Game onto SheepShaver, but whenever I click on it to play it, it gives me the message:
Waveform device is busy. Please close any other applications using the device and try again.
I don't understand what that means. I installed QuickTime 3 because it came with the game zip, but it still doesn't work. I looked into it online, and someone suggested to install QuickTime 4 on SheepShaver. When I tried to add QuickTime 4 under Preferences, all it seems to do is add it as a file.

I am unsure of what to do. I am very computer illeterate, and I don't even know how I managed to install SheepShaver in the first place, lol.

Thank you for your help!
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