"Disable Firewall" in MacOS9

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"Disable Firewall" in MacOS9

Post by rpatters1 »

I am running OS9 on Sheepshaver running on macOS 10.13 host OS. The virtual OS9 can see the internet (using the default slirp setup), and I have successfully accessed web pages. I am attempting to register Finale 2004 in OS9. (Finale 2004 was a dual OS9/OSX-native app.) Folks at Makemusic have told me the internet registration process may still work. (They don't do manual registrations any more.)

So when I attempt to access their server I get "Finale was unable to complete the Internet transaction (Error - 10)". Followed by "We were unable to complete your registration, perhaps due to a firewall on your computer or server." (The registration screen has a big warning to disable any firewalls during the registration process.) I have tried doing this with Firewall disabled on both host computer and router. My guess is that the registration requires communication over a random port that would normally be blocked. Anyway, it may not work. But if anyone has an idea for something I could try, I would appreciate it.
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Re: "Disable Firewall" in MacOS9

Post by adespoton »

You may need to switch to TUN/TAP networking here; SLIrP assumes you're connecting out, but if Finale is attempting to connect in at some point, it will fail.

However, after a quick scan of similar issues, it appears it's just software firewalls that block outgoing connections that are the regular culprit with the firewall issues. 2004 appears to be valid for up to two hardware profiles; if you've got it installed in more places than that, you should be getting errors.

In your situation, it may be easier to find a registration crack than to get registration working with their server. you're depending on a 15 year old registration server functioning correctly with a modern Internet, with no guarantees from Makemusic that it does.
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