Sorry if this is a stupid question

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Sorry if this is a stupid question

Post by pokedude104 »

I looked everywhere, and cannot seem to find how I can move a file from my windows host machine into sheepshaver running OS 9 and have it be usable. I have a .sit file for an old game I want to play and its on the E: drive on my computer. I can see it in "This PC" in OS 9 and drag it from there to the desktop but when I try to open it with stuffit I get "Could not be opened, because it cannot be found."
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Re: Sorry if this is a stupid question

Post by 24bit »

A usual error.
The .sit files must be moved to the emulated HDD and expanded there.

The reason for the odd behaviour is that in MacOS every volume has its own Desktop folder.
If you move something from "This PC" to the Desktop, the file actually is still on "This PC" which has a foreign files system (NTFS) not aware of Mac resource forks.
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Re: Sorry if this is a stupid question

Post by Adam P »

Copying to the Mac OS system desktop requires holding down the option key when dragging. Unlike Windows, Mac OS makes a Desktop Folder for every disk volume, and by default the Finder will move the file within the volume. The option key tells the Finder to necessarily copy instead of move (at least when the source and destination folders differ). In the case of necessarily copying to the desktop, the Finder copies to the startup volume's desktop.

Check in Get Info where the object is actually located to be sure.
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