Benchmark your OS X

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Benchmark your OS X

Post by jazzman »

Here is a tool to benchmark your OS X installation

It's written by this guy,

You can install it to your OS X hd by using WinISO to make a iso containing the file and configure ppc to hold that isofile for you.

Here are some "real" mac scores:
Results for my B&W G3 at 350MHz running 10.3.3 are:

CPU: 3181
Graphics: no score
Network: 2002*
Disk i/o: 1366

*Network is 1500 Mbps on Swiftel.

Windows 98SE running on VPC4 running on Mac OS9.2.2 on the same computer:

CPU: 3770
Graphics: no score
Network: 2965
Disk i/o: 9896
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Post by ShadowFox »

I ran Xbench... will run the benchmark you posted tomorrow, but here are the results of Xbench- (the program unexpectedly quit after the last test in the first screenshot... in the second shot, it finished the memory test and just started the disk test, which has been running for a while)

Edit: I tried the benchmark in the link above, but it appears the archive is corrupt. I tried downloading it in Windows and copying it to the emulator, and I tried downloading and extracting it right inside Basilisk II, gave the same error both times, so I think it's a link to a bad file.

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Post by ataxy »

if you check on the official website it is writen that due to some bad timing in the emulator benchmark software arent displaying good info
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