A standalone BasiliskII system for Windows (experimental)

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A standalone BasiliskII system for Windows (experimental)

Post by emendelson »

Thanks to the excellent recent work by kanjitalk755, it now makes sense to put together a standalone BasiliskII-System761 system for Windows somewhat like my MacOS9 system for Windows.

I've put together a system that does this:

When you launch the MacSys761.exe program, it launches a complete BasiliskII system with a US English copy of System 761. (Yes, I know this is copyrighted, and, as I've said in many other postings, Apple knows where to find me if they don't want me to distribute it.)

The desktop on the Basilisk system will have a folder named Send to Windows (it may take a few seconds for it to appear). You can drop a file into it, and the file will be copied to your Windows desktop. It will also have an AppleScript applicationm named Send Files to Host, which does exactly the same thing as dropping a file in the Send to Windows folder, but, if you double-click on it, opens a dialog where you can select a file to send to the Windows desktop.

Back in Windows, if you drop a file on MacSys761.exe (the same app that you used to launch this system), the file will be copied to the Mac desktop.

Of course, you can also transfer files by using the shortcut to Windows that appears on the BasiliskII desktop, but these features make the process easier and faster. (So, yes, I know perfectly well that this system does absolutely nothing that you can't already do in BasiliskII for Windows with a bit more effort.)

The folder that contains MacSys761.exe has a Programs folder which includes the BasiliskII GUI, so you can add or remove disk images to the basic system.

This doesn't yet have all the extra features and error checking of my MacOS9 system, but it seems to work.

If you're interested in trying it, send me a PM and I'll send a download link. Don't expect perfection, but it ought to work reasonably well, and if you don't like it, just delete its folder and it will leave no trace on your machine.

Please do not waste your extremely valuable time posting a message saying that you don't need this. Of course you do not need this. No one needs this. But it's available if you want it, and you can simply ignore it if you don't want it.
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