Problem running game Snakes Alive!

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Problem running game Snakes Alive!

Post by thwartted »


I am trying to run this game:

I am able to get the game up and running, but as soon as I enter a key command to get the snake moving, the system freezes and I have to force shutdown the application.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Anyone able to get this running in Basillisk II? If so what setup do you use?
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Re: Problem running game Snakes Alive!

Post by adespoton »

This should probably be moved from GME to the BII thread (moderators) unless you're looking to see if you should be using a different emulator.

Which guest OS / hardware profile / ROM are you using in BII?
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Re: Problem running game Snakes Alive!

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

Also: On which host system do you run BasiliskII?

(Topic moved to BasiliskII forum.)
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Re: Problem running game Snakes Alive!

Post by 24bit »

I´m presuming the app was damaged while in transfer. The common fate of "naked" apps. ;)
Just made a 7z compressed NDIF image as 2nd DL, feel free to try please.
The game is running on my side in SheepShaver too. Host OS is Mojave.
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