Opening files in ConcertWare

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Opening files in ConcertWare

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I copied a lot of ConcertWare files from my grandfather's mac a while back and I'm trying to play them on my macbook. I use Mini vMac and I've already downloaded ConcertWare on it. I tried copying the files to Mini vMac by using ImportFL and then correcting the type and creator codes to CWMF and CWMW respectively by using ResEdit. However, it won't play the files because they are classified as documents instead of music files. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this, or a different solution? Thanks!
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Re: Opening files in ConcertWare

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Why did you need to correct type and creator codes? Where the codes lost? Could the files have lost their resource forks?

Which System/Mac OS version was used on your grandfather's Mac?

How did you copy the files from your grandfather's Mac and to what kind of storage, was that storage HFS formatted? Or were the files archived or encoded for safe transport? And how did you get the files from that storage onto your MacBook?
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