Mac Emulators

About Mini vMac and all other 68k emulators, including SoftMac, Executor, and MESS.

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Mac Emulators

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Does an7ybod7y know about emulators for Mac IIx, IIfx, IIcx and IIvx models :?:
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Re: Mac Emulators

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What is your final goal after all?
You will know that Basilisk II is emulating a Mac IIci with recent builds.
Many more machine types could be chosen in Basilisk II Build 142 for Windows.
MiniVMac II is emulating a Mac II - as the name indicates. ;)
Last not least there is Fusion_PC for DOS/Windows 9X offering some choices too.
I don´t think that each and every Mac II model is covered though.
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