Status of Qemu-68k?

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Status of Qemu-68k?

Post by darthnvader »

Anyone have any update on the status of booting the Mac OS in Qemu 68k?
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Re: Status of Qemu-68k?

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It does not work yet. Some effort has been put into straightening old code so it fits with current requirements and makes use of new emulated hardware components (7 year old code...). But loading and booting a 68k mac rom has not been addressed. Current development is more looking into hardware supported ppc altivec speed improvements and monitor edid support.

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Re: Status of Qemu-68k?

Post by adespoton »

It wouldn't be accurately modelling the hardware, but it seems to me that it should be possible to write an OpenBIOS module that does nothing more than load and execute a 68K ROM image and provide interfaces for the hardware. Has anyone discussed this approach already? It would be similar to what's been done for VGA support in the past, although a larger undertaking.
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