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So, I just installed the dev beta of Big Sur, and one of the big controversies is about the icons that they changed as part of the UI overhaul. While the icons don't bother me, I still want to have access to the old Mac OS X icons as they are a part of Apple history.

I've been trying to dig through the installer discs for Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.6 so far, but I am having trouble finding all the icons (namely, I can't find the CoreTypes.bundle in the installer, and even these do not have the generic drive icon).

So, does anyone have a good resource to download all the old icons from each version already extracted, or does anyone have any tips on how to find these icons in the installer without doing a full install on Qemu? I'm not afraid to do that if I have to, but extraction seems like the better choice.

I'll be happy to share the archive once I complete it!

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